Transformed and ready to use in your application

Engineering teams use bem to ingest and transform any structured or unstructured data into their internal schema.

No field mapping, no parsers.

We've never met an engineer who enjoys building integrations

Now they don't have to

Our AI data transformer sits between external data and your system. We live transform any external documents, from PDFs to CSVs, and APIs to your desired schema and format.

External data ingestion

Seamlessly live transform any external data into your application's schema. Getting hundreds of emails with natural language and attachments? bem auto-generates an address for you. Anything you forward to us will be transformed into your desired schema and pushed back to you.

Data migrations & onboardings

Migrate your customer's data from legacy and outdated systems to yours in minutes, not weeks. Not only do we transform all incoming data seamless, we also match it to existing resources in your database.

Complex integrations

Need to integrate with legacy formats or vendors? Pass it through our API first. We'll transform it into your desired schema. No more field mapping or data cleaning.

Easy to use

Onboard in minutes. Just tell us your desired destination schema and we'll do the rest for you. bem generates data pipelines for you to use in your application via a REST API, email, and webhooks.

We're saving our customers millions in R&D and ops

We're working closely with companies building software supporting supply chains, healthcare, insurance, and fintech. bem is a new way of transforming data. We're building the next generation of primitives for engineering teams to build better, thoughtful software, faster. Break out of the hamster wheel of building table stakes features and unlock your revenue.

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Data transformation for complex industries

We've built mission-critical products in complex industries. The last thing you need is for the integrations you rely on to shift under your feet.

Supply chain & logistics

Seamlessly integrate with your customers' ERPs, WMS, and TMS systems. Use AI to process EDI messages. Want to onboard customers from legacy systems in minutes? Use bem to painlessly transform data dumps into your internal schema and DB resources.


Integrate with legacy EHR systems and vendors. Process various document formats on-the-fly for your users.


Transform financial data from external systems into your internal schema in no time. Invoices, payments, accounting reports, and more shaped into the objects you need


Take long-form claims from brokers and customers using outdated technology and extract key context for use in your workflows in seconds.